Besa Tafari in Anne Sofie Madsen by Alexander Andersen 
Role: Art Director

States of Glam by Alexander Nyrup feat. Morten Ussing / Role: Fashion Editor

Fairytales in the Dark Forest by Leonard Gren for ELLE / Role: Fashion Editor

Up Front Lookbook SS18 feat. Nikolaj Storm  Role: Fashion Editor

Colours have emotions for MOB Journal

Truly Jenny for Roll UP Mag

MUSE for Phrase Magazine

Video by Malika Maria AtwOrk featuring Scandinavian designers curated by me.  Music by Gabriella Vergilov
Discover full project here.

Flash Beauty by Anne Marie Jo / Role: Art Director and Stylist

Somewhere with Sunshine 2021

Amphitrite for Rebel Magazine

J C Munch 2015 by Alexander Andersen
in HUF Magazine
Role: Art Director
A Bout de Souffle for BAST Magazine by Bastien Vaucher
Role: Fashion Editor 

Ilma by Alana Ocano for Contributor Mag / Role: Fashion Editor

Red is the colour of Red by Rod Clemen for Trend Prive 
 Role: Fashion Editor

Your Grace for LYX Magazine

Filippa by Rod Clemen for FLANELLE Mag / Role: Fashion Editor

Autumn Vibes by Rod Clemen and Linville Belle for BAST Magazine / Role: Fashion Editor

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