"The Snow Queen" ballet poster for Petrova Dance Company - Ruse/23

a country style portrait of stylist Xander Pauwels , taken in Brussels in 2023 by photographer Eliza Georgieva.

'Country boy' with Xander Pauwels & Gitte Pedersen /  Brussels 2023.

The Girl with The Serpent Tattoo, Belgium 2022

Amphitrite Rising, Cyprus 2022

New Light by Kollectiv Negativ in 2018
Role: Art Director 

Studies of Venus, 2020 Mixed Media

Empressa Bulgar - Million Dolla Baby / Role: DOP
Discover the project here

Horses on Portra 160, 2021

La Regina, 2021

EP Vinyl Cover Artwork for Gabriella Vergilov by Linville Belle
Role: Art Director 
ENEMY 036, Enemy Records
A Mysterious Affair photographed by Linville Belle
Role: Art Director
Copenhagen 2016

Orchid, Belgium 2021

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